We have a clip from this week's new episode of Smallville, "Requiem." In this scene, Clark and Lana go to visit Oliver in the hospital after he's injured by an explosion at LutherCorp to try and figure out who did it.
The Green Arrow helps a bad guy escape from the cops in this clip from tonight's episode of Smallville, "Bulletproof."
Oliver and Clark argue the Clark's undercover mission in tonight's episode of Smallville, "Bulletproof."
A clip from tonight's episode of Smallville, "Bulletproof," in which the Green Arrow is shooting up some people when he accidentally shoots Clark who he is surprised to see.

Smallville Quotes

I'm about as real as it gets.


Clark: My father says you learn more about yourself when you lose.
Lex: What'd you learn?
Clark: That I'm not destined to be a politician. You need two different personalities.
Lex: You don't need to be an elected official to change the world, Clark.
Clark: Have you ever thought about getting into politics?
Lex: Someday I'd like to be president.