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Gossip Girl's February 28 episode features a major cliffhanger for Dair. Watch the promo here.
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it's love triangle galore! i hope the show delivers tonight.


The narrator says: "You can try to find it" in the moment when Chuck is talking to Serena "I have to find Blair" and then there is a scene with Dan and Blair and the narrator's words: "or accept it if you dare" which is a play on words (dare -> dair), maybe only for taking Dair fans in or maybe there is an allusion that something will happen between Dan and Blair. I mean, producers wanted to say between the lines that this will be hard for Chair fans to accept Dair and they can fight it but it's useless because it will be what is going to be. I hope you know what I mean :)


by they I mean Blair and Dan..


@ punky brewster that is a very good comment, and probably true. I don't know about chuck/serena kissing but still I don't think they will kiss this episode. (though I do hope for it to happen) :)


yeah, @punky brewster i think the same way. dan is consoling blair, they are just good friends and blair will be with prince louis.
but i want DAIR:)


could it be that the gossip girl blast is about a past chuck/serena kiss and dan is not asking for a kiss but says [it was] just one kiss? i.e consoling her??? if this is the case.. i still want em to kiss afterwards!! :(


Chuck doesn't see the Dair kiss
Dair isn't a prop
they have feelings for each other EVERYTHING IS DAIR AND NOTHING HURTS


From the way the promo's edited, it gives the impression of Chuck being angry at Dan + Blair... but I feel he's angry from finding out about Nate + Raina, therefore going after her to try and get her back. When he tells Serena "You need to find Blair", I think it's Serena who walks in and finds Dan + Blair about to kiss.
I just think Chair fans will get dissapointed next Monday, so don't get your hopes up.

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Lily: You sound so sure I almost believe you.
Lawyer: They're ready for us.
Rufus: I'll be waiting.
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