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An extended version of the promo for this week's Gossip Girl, "Ex-Husbands and Wives." Looks like a dramatic lead-up to the season finale, to say the least.

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    What is the name of this song? and who is singing it?


    when Blair says " What are you doing" Chuck says "Playing the part" @Addicted2xoxoGG


    Yay looks exciting:))
    totally looking forward to will's storyline..and of course to the chuck-jenny-blair parts=)


    Oh also, to:Addicted2xoxoGG
    I'm almost positive after Blair says "What are you doing?" he says "Being your partner."


    This episode looks intense!
    I love the Jenny+Chuck duo; they both add such entertainment to the show with their sneaky conniving plans.


    What did Chuck say..,After Blair asks what he is doing when he grabs her hand? Is he saying im playing the part?! PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER THIS!


    Oh no jenny and chuck NO!!


    aaaaaaaagh i cant wait and i love how when chuck says 'we need an expertise' blair shows up lool xoxo


    so excitedd!!!
    go chairrr!


    OMG I love CHAIR they are sooo sweet together!!! Jenny and Chuck team kinda works