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Blair Waldorf in "Ex-Husbands and Wives," the May 10, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. Will she and Chuck reconcile? Fingers are crossed.

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i've read article somewhere that that tote bag cost 1500 dolars ! oh wowww.. that is a really small tote.
but anyway..
leighton is gorgeous. no matter what she wears she can pulls it off.


actually i'm hoping they DON'T reconcile because he's going to sleep with jenny soon (shudder) so they should reconcile AFTER that happens not yet. I think maybe chuck tries to get blair to understand that he's sorry, she shuts him down and goes out with cameron, jenny's all alone and so is he... jenny loses her big V... funnily enough to the guy that tried to steal it from her in the very first episode and then blair gets majorly pissed and hurt and forces jenny to leave, (her family thinks it's best if she goes with her mom or something)and THEN maybe chuck and blair will get bac together. Damn the writers! Don't they know Chenny will destroy Chair?? They've ruined everything!


leighton is so adorable.


very blair, very cup-cakelike


@jennmo13 GG i agree with you she needs a gorgeous sexy chuck on her arm;)


Some of you are so annoyingly dramatic!
Its not the "weirdest dress ever"! Y'all are way too harsh on Blair's style! If you don't like something she's wearing? ok! But saying she looks hideous and its the worst dress you've ever seen in your life and all the other crazy things y'all say about Blair's style is just dramatic... and untrue! I like the pattern of the dress but again I think the shape and all that is unflattering. Its too big and bunchy... it makes her look really small and short. But Blair/Leighton is GORGEOUS and honestly looks great in anything!

Jennmo13 gg 3

she just missing something...or someone....chuck.

Elise of the upper east side

that dress is hideous!! its frickin huge too...eww


only blair could make this work


Uhh... weirdest dress ever?!

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