Will The Cape be worth your time? This is a three-minute look at the upcoming NBC drama. Looks interesting, doesn't it?

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Good writing makes good tv. So if the scripts are good I'm on board.


i am definitely gonna watch, so far the promo shows us a new kind of tv series, hope will have success


This looks good and things will happen in a better way than Hero's where you have to wait 30 minutes for action and a point to the story. I hope it does well. It looks like this might be only TV show that I will watch next year.


Dude, this is the comic book television series I've been waiting for! All of this teenage-drama, realism-craving, drama-oriented like "Smallville" and "Heroes" were embarrassments to the superhero genre. THIS is what needs to be going on!


When I heard about this I thought...oh boy..they are going to have another stupid network drama, and in the end the superhero aspect of it will be total cheese. I AM HAPPY TO SAY I WAS WRONG! This looks to be a fresh, serious take by NBC on the Superhero Genre! LOOKS BADASS!


I'm definitely convinced. I'll be there for the first couple of episodes, and if they're as good as I think they'll be, the rest of the season.


I really like that they're making it a straight out superhero show, complete with all the trappings... costumes, masks, freakish villains, etc. instead of the watered-down "Heroes" take that television seems to be so fond of using. I'll definitely give it a chance, especially since each view of it seems to improve.


Can't wait till next year for the premiere!
David Lyons is in good shape (unlike Tom Welling)


Freaking awesome!!!
Even though we've seen this type of training in many movies or tv shows, i like the "old school" touch and circus atmosphere


Looks good. I would watch the first episode. A comic book inspired superhero with no super powers. A circus full of crime fighting types. I have to ask. What is the target audience? NBC is really stepping up with family oriented programming.

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We are in the middle game. Pawns become crucial and out of your inexperience, you left your king vulnerable.


Police Chief: I hope that Chess character had a front row seat.
Chess: Backstage Pass.

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