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In this sneak peak from "Freedom," Cristina is unusually cheerful. There's a reason for this ... the sparkle pager! Non-transferable, says George - who's the Chief's intern. Regarding Rebecca, Mer tells Izzie to work it out.

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    I'd lo ve to meet all the cast of grey's anatomy, unfortunately I can't as I live far away,in argentina.


    I'm a huge fun of Grey's anatomy. I love it. It's the best i've ever seen. love that meredith and derek are together again. I'm from Argentina and I'd love to have the complete collection of dvds of grey's. looking forward to watching it next year.


    I love Izzie. I love how she can just pick herself up after falling so low. I love her determination, her preserverance.
    Bottom line. Izzie is awesome and despite what she says she is sooo totally KICKASS!

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