Gossip Girl Blast: New Promo

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An interesting preview for Gossip Girl, presenting itself as a "blast" from Gossip Girl herself.

oh shit!! is chuck really gonna ruin things with his best friend again over blair. remember thin line between chuck and nate were like back were we started


Honestly.. I'm a big chair fan.. but B & N's scenes in The Grandfather were so touching.. it was just perfect that they are together.. i know in the end CB will probably be but for now BN is sooo cute♥


OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD! blair...and MAN-BANGS?! please tell me it isnt true! we want the basshole back - i hope his and vanessas plan works & chair get back together....dont care what the benefits are for vanessa tho.....shes annoying..........i hope chuck kills man-bangs - that would be AWESOME!!:D

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Dan: What does Chuck Bass do at 8 in the morning? It's not like you work out.
Chuck: I do my cardio in the evenings. The morning is for business, which I am late for.

Eric: Does this feel like a sitcom to anyone else?
Dan: More like a reality show.
Chuck: Then I can vote you off.