Gossip Girl 'The Fasting and the Furious' Promo (Canadian)

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The Canadian promo for this week's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, "The Fasting and the Furious."
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geez when did it ever work with nate and serena? Serenate are hopeless. Nate needs his BFF dan and jenny but hey the writer's screwed him over, he doesn't even have chuck really, all he has is diana who's using him. yep, nate's utterly useless. i think diana is mildy interesting but not as his lover - that needs to end. i can see some BIG secret(s) coming out and nate and ivy working together to try and stop her, maybe the big kiss that ends all kisses or whatever is nate and ivy? haha at chuck - is it me or does it look like he was trying to look up the psych's dress? glad chuck is finally helping himself and on the mend - he's been through hell and i'm so OVER the angst. GG has matured, but i still think it needs the BIG shocking moments of S1 and S2. Duh Blair! move to monaco its beautiful there!!! (i've been) and live your faitytale - but you will be leaving your old life behind. as much as she imagined it - i don't think she's going to go - the fight for her babys rights - interesting. i like louis - has anyone noticed he actually fights for blair every single time against his parents and sister - but blair doesn't fight for him. Look forward to seeing what happenes between the dan/blair/louis/chuck storyline. only reason i'm watching. great writing so far GG writers


i not liking ivy and nate i feel nate should be w serena


Ugh, more of Diana, great. Nate and her better not have too much screentime. Is Chuck in theraphy? And can this episode please salvage this season in the sense of giving us more than just one Chair scene.


elizabeth hurley needs to go.


Blair's been pretty selfish with Louis and his family so far. Louis has been spending much of the time in America and his family has been flying back and forth for her too. Blair needs to go to Monoco where the celebrations SHOULD be taking place anyway, after all it's Monoco's Prince and Princess, not America's. I'd laugh my ass off if the writer's think they can bypass the whole expensive filming-in-Monoco by hosting the royal wedding in New York!
Then again I have a feeling Blair spent all her French language knowledge in that one conversation she had with Louis in the museum so maybe she SHOULD be worried...


Blair: "She's insisting I move to Monoco and leave my whole life here behind!" well yeah Blair. Were you really planning on ruling Monoco from New York?

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Blair: I hope they take it well. Nothing matters more than our child being born into a big happy family.
Louis: Are you ready?

On the Upper East Side, it's not what you say that determines who you are. It's what you do.

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