January 5 Gossip Girl Promo

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The first promo for the Gossip Girl episode airing January 5, 2009.

I want to know whats gonna happen with lily and rufus! That shocked me even more than Bart dying.


I hope C is okay! I am going to bite my nails off for monday to come! I hope D and S get back together they were awesome together! As for lily and rufus! WOW they have a child who'd knew! I thought the secret her mother was talking about was about why she was in the instatution that E was in. gotta love GG can't wait for more... I Hope at the end of the series they show who gossip girl really is =] at first i thought it was gerogina..... oh well. Jenny and Eric were good together until E turned out too be gay.... that was a shockkerr.. Nate and Blair not so good. I like chuck and blair blair and chuck.. lol..


I Heard that Chuck is going to fall and get hurt but not die :]. If this is right I am happy! I Hope B and C get closer and Nate and Jenny :].


ahhhh! can't wait to see this episode! i hope the jenny and nate will get together instead of vanessa... and i like aaron and serena together! canr cant cant wait!


I can't wait to see wht's going to happen...
I hope Jenny and Nate get together.... And Serena and Dan get together....


So awesome!!! What's going to happen? Chuck is really going to commit suicide? And Dan and Serena are going to have their happily forever after? Can´t wait to see...
gossip girl nr 1 f@n

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Jenny: Okay no. That's not okay.
Eric: Here we go ...

Jenny: They treat her like their servant.
Eric: And it is none of your business. It's a new year, remember? A new Jenny Humphrey?