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We're on the Comic-Con red carpet with Misha Collins in this exclusive interview. He gives up the scoop on a human Castiel.

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    What a nice interview! Thank you very much for this! I think it might be one of my favorite interviews from Comic-Con this year. The scene where Cas was shopping to buy all of Dean's favorite things in an effort to try and make up with Dean was one of my favorite scenes from Season 8 too. I'd love for Dean to someday find out that Cas was trying so hard to get pie for him, as well as all the stuff that he actually did manage to purchase. I hate to hear of any kind of difficulties in the relationship between Cas and Dean (and Sam), and I really hope that the logistical difficulties don't last long and that Cas can reunite with the Winchesters and make up with Dean soon. Very happy though that Misha is a regular for Season 9 and can't wait to see more of my favorite actor/character on my favorite show!