Panic Roommate Sneak Preview

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A sneak preview of "Panic Roommate" featuring Blair and Nate. Remember when they used to hang out?!
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nate's favorite movie is the sound of music? haha sweet


nair scene


I want NAIR version 3.0 with a hot sex scene. I miss seeing Chace naked lol


Haha, I loved this. I always thought Blair and Nate were a little too brotherly/ sisterly to be a couple (although incest is best on GG these days). The fact that Blair would blackmail Nate into helping her by using his love for the Sound of Music is just sooo kid sister.

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Either switch that thing off or bring it to bed. Vibration is a terrible thing to waste.


A wise woman once said that every morning when you wake up you say a little prayer. After all, you never know what your day may hold.

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