Gossip Girl Round Table: "Panic Roommate"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, lead Gossip Girl writer Mister Meester joins esteemed editor-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic CEO Gossip Guy to discuss topics from "Panic Roommate" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Blair telling Nate he better not be selfish [in bed]. But the real question should be: why is everyone not submitting theirs via TV Fanatic's new quote submission tool? I heard a certain programmer spent a lot of time on that...

Mister Meester: "Nate can't wait to see you. Trust me, it's like riding a very cute bike." - B.

DANdy: Blair wanted Epperly to get laid... not laid OFF. Oh, B, you use such witty word play.

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2. Harder to believe: Blair's instant rise to W management, Dan's involvement in Damien's scheme, or Juliet's kidnapping/drugging of Serena barely fazing people?

Gossip Guy: There's no way the same magazine that tricked Kim Kardashian into posing nude is dumb enough to promote an intern who's still in school to a full time management position. The latter two are just staples of Gossip Girl at this point.

Mister Meester: Dan was very un-Dan in going along with that, but Ben's connection to shady Juliet and his role in helping plan all her schemes is being totally glossed over. Side note: My fellow Round Table panelists love their celebrity gossip.

DANdy: Blair's rise at W. Based on the attention that magazine got from Kim Kardashian naked, it's clearly in good hands. Hard to imagine it would follow such a risky strategy.

3. Better chemistry: Serena and Ben or Chuck and Raina?

Gossip Guy: Is there a third option for none of the above? These lame excuses for couples hooking up can't touch the chemistry of a cell phone call between Chuck and Blalr.

Mister Meester: Serena and Ben. At least there was a connection there a few years ago, and we're beginning to see signs in the present as well, even if he rarely emotes.

DANdy: Chuck and Raina. Ben is an English teacher, not a science teacher. Pay attention.

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CHAINA: The chemistry just isn't there ... or is it?

4. Is Damien gone for good?

Gossip Guy: Nope.  All ill-conceived, short-lived schemes need a good-looking drug dealer. And now without a trust fund? Kid's really gonna step up his game.

Mister Meester: I hope not. There's a lot of potential for Damien to be a classic GG villain, or maybe even redeem himself. This story arc seemed beneath him a bit.

DANdy: No, there's a reason he has the same name as the snake owned by former WWE star Jake "The Snake" Roberts. This guy slithers in when you least expect it.

5: Rate last night from 1-10 on the Rufus Uselessness Scale.

Gossip Guy: 10. You know what said it all? The man known for his exquisite breakfast spreads was eating cereal. Someone put this guy on suicide watch.

Mister Meester: 6, if only because he did appear and have a speaking part in this episode, while not in Lily's lap once. That has to count for something.

DANdy: 9. The only way he would have been more useless was if his name was Vanessa.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


I dont know why but I hate Serena storyline with Ben. Serena is in love with a man too easy! BTW thats make's me like even more Dair couple, thats really growing!


I used to love Chuck when he was a bad boy who was unfeeling i don't like that it seems that he's fallen for someone else so quickly even if its just fake. Its like Eva all over again. What made him great was his lack of connection to his feeling but still loving blair not just falling for any random girl he picks up and has sex with.


LMAO. I love the last bit of the round table on Rufus. You guys ACTually made me laugh out loud :D Chuck/Raina and Ben/Serena are as asexual as bacteria. For shame, Gossip Girl. With Chuck, I know they're just trying to put off Chair, but even so. Dair has actual chemistry and it's doing the same thing. But I'm kinda being put off by how EVERYone's hooked up except Serena/Chuck. I sorta don't want Dair to happen cause then they've just about done everything. And there's nothing left for a S5.


Best quote... the riding a cute bicycle line was hilariously random. What?! I actually find it semi-believable that Blair gets Epperly's job--isn't Epperly just someone else's assistant? Bearing ultimate responsibility for getting the gift bags to the party on time, and berating the interns? I'm willing to accept all of that. Since Chuck and Raina have actually negative chemistry, I would have to pick Ben and Serena. They are both drippy, mooning dishrags together, so it kind of works. I expect to see Damian back, sure!
Rufus is entirely useless, yes, but a chumpy good guy who somehow has this fabulous wealth through marriage is an inherently funny, useful character to have around. Who else is going to moralize when Dan displays more of his increasing willingness to connive and scheme to get his way?


I love what they did to Nate. He only shows up to hook up with some gurl. Nice.


Will you guys ever consider a Nate uselessness scale?


I really really hate serena!! she's a whore!!! every boy she sees, she has to have, madly in love with dan, nate, carter, that nephew of nate (wich name i can't remember), the teacher from this season and now this ben guy, come on this is so unreal, and really what's annoying is that dan and serena almost got back together, so she was in love with dan but when she left to look for ben she fell for ben instead?! wtf, i really hate serena they need to cut her from the show or make her less slutty and stay away from guys!! she had every guy on the show exept rufus, her brother and chuck!


1. Blair: And once you hook her, reel her in, gut her emotionally and throw the carcass overboard. 2. Juliet's scheme. 3. Chuck & Raina...though I see the chemistry more when they're having dialog then when they're having sex. Ben is a wet dishrag. 4. No...I think it should come out that he and Ben were actually having the affair in school. 5. (5) not too useless...but still not up to regular charactor caliber. (and maybe that is a good thing...last year during the SL where it was thought he was having an affair...he was just plain anoying)So maybe they should keep it light.


...and what's with Serena having to fall in love with every guy she bumps into? Is she seriously falling for Ben already??? I can't buy it, it's so annoying how people just fall in love that easily in this show now...cut it off :(
And Chuck and Raina is lame too...why do they have to fall in love? can't they just hook up, do business and be fun with no strings attached? Maybe I should take a stroll through the GG set to get someone to finally fall in love with me... :(


"Nate needs to do a little more than play pool in his suite."
I totally thought that too when Chuck came in and, once again, there was Nate...playing pool :(
Doesn't he go to college anymore? Doesn't he have tones of cash to spend doing interesting stuff? Drop the pool habit you adorable manwhore!! :P

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