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A promo for the sixth season finale of Grey's Anatomy. There's a shooter in the hospital! Everybody hit the deck?

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Derek does get shot, there is a spoiler video and you see him in the or being operated on by Teddy Hunt and Avery but all seems to be going well as far as being shot goes... He has a contract till season 8 and although it is rumored he and or Ellen may want to leave before that, Shonda seems like she is not letting go anytime soon. So chances are he will be in critical condition, and not die, but then again, Shonda has a way of messing with your mind and making you think one thing and then another. My guess is Owen, Bailey, Webber maybe but unlikely since you see him outside the hospital in another spoiler, possibly Alex, but we already know Mer and Christina are fine because we know that their surgical skills are put to the test in a very big way, so they won't be able to do anything to them... at least not in any major way, or pretty much until they very end. OMG I CANT WAIT! I am literally jumping up and down all morning :P


join here we can't let them take Alex away


i realy hope it is not derek and i cant belive mer is pregnent cant wait to see the show.


I think that it will be the chief who gets shot because merideth would be really upset if he died and you can't tell who gets shot from the promo because they all wear white lab coats and that's where the bullet goes in the promo so whoever said that its not Derek because he's wearing a blue shirt not a white one, you're wrong!


I think the guy who lost his wife and tried to sue is the shooter and Derek is the one that gets shot


Pretty sure (from the rumours I heard), its the old chief who gets shot. He was close with Mer, (the reason why she would be freaking out). Its supposed to be a shocking death right? So my bet is that he dies...unfortunatly ): Oh and Mer is the one who is pregnant, and Lexi and Mark will probably be the ones that get back together, but Christina and Owen will break up, sadly ): I dunno, thats my guess, but Im so excited to see this, Im going to cry my eyes out though >.


the person who gets shot as a white shirt and Derek is wearing a blue shirt.


See at 0:18 of the clip the reaction of Meredith..


Derek wont die because they signed on for another year and the show would be over. i think derek will be shot and they will make it look like he is going to die and let it hang over the summer like they always do. I think that Bailey wont die because they need some shocking thing to happen and that would have been to obvious maybe teddy or someone who isn't crucial to the plot will die and it will take you by surprise.


I think the person who gets shot is Bailey's new love Ben (Jason George) Rhimes is stealing him from Grey's to star in a pilot series set to air in the Fall

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