Someone forgot her bathing suit! Watch this sexy clip from Castle now.
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Kelly Hu stops by this episode of Castle as a detective. Watch her interact with Espo and Ryan now.
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Ryan and Espo are on to Beckett in this Castle sneak peek. They know she has a boyfriend, and they are all about learning his identity!
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A fight and an argument breaks out over Beckett in this clip from the season four premiere. It's intense stuff.
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Castle and Beckett meet an insurance investigator in this clip from "Eye of the Beholder." The former very much wants to work with her.
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Castle tries to give Alexis some advice in this clip from "Demons." The speech doesn't go so well.
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Who is the woman who causes a problem for Beckett on "Eye of the Beholder?" Watch this clip now and meet the insurance investigator.
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Get a sneak peek at the Castle episode "Kick the Ballistics" now. Castle and Beckett arrive at a crime scene of what appears to be a mob hit.
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Castle Quotes

Castle: How do you know when you're in love?
Beckett: All the songs make sense.

Back stabbing, adultery and betrayal. That is why I hate politics.

Kate Beckett