A toxic event is coming to Gossip Girl. An Airborne Toxic Event.
Gossip Girl producer Joshua Safran previews the finale of Season 4. See what you think of it.
Blair is missing. Where could she be? In this sneak peek from the Gossip Girl Season 4 finale, Chuck, Raina and Nate all wonder the same thing.
A promo for the season finale of Gossip Girl. Will Russell or Charlie lose it, with catastrophic repercussions? Will Blair and Chuck reconcile?

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Serena: You know this isn't her fault. She needs help. The last time that this happened she ended up wandering through the snow in her bare feet.
Vanessa: Yeah. After she Single White Female'd her college roommate.
Serena: Rufus said the girl's boyfriend led her on.
Vanessa: Fine. She's in your dress with your ex. But if you're so concerned about Charlie you find her and I'll find Dan.

Serena: Well at least now we know why Charlie's been acting so unbalanced.
Vanessa: Yeah. Because she is.