Alex and Meredith work the night shift in "Slow Night, So Long." Alex makes a bold decision.
Mark and Derek reflect on life in this Grey's Anatomy clip. Yang bartending is kind of disturbing.
The new pediatrics attending has a question for Mer. What is it? Check out this clip from "Slow Night, So Long."
A clip from "Slow Night, So Long," the November 18, 2010 episode of Grey's Anatomy. Teddy drinks and laments her dating experiences.
A sneak preview from "So Long, Slow Night," this week's all new episode of Grey's Anatomy. The gang is surprised at Cristina's new profession.
The Canadian promo for this week's Grey's Anatomy, "Slow Night, So Long." Looks like some wild partying on tap!
ABC's teaser for the next new episode of Grey's Anatomy. It's going to be a wild night at the bar, it looks like.

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Jackson: Nice face.
Alex: At least I can do surgery. How's that hand?
Jackson: It'd be better if you hadn't run your face into it.

We doctors take pride in the fact that we can basically sleep standing up. Anytime, anywhere. But, it's a false pride because the truth is after twenty hours without sleep you might as well just come to work drunk, doctor or not. So it's no wonder that fatal medical errors increase at night when we doctors are proudly sleeping on our feet. Recently our communal pride has been shattered and our egos have been wounded by new laws that require we sleep all day before we work all night. We are not happy about it. But, as someone who might need medical care, you really should be.


Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 9 Music

  Song Artist
Runaway 2 Runaway The National iTunes
Song Run To The Sun Vassy
Open 3 Open Free & Easy iTunes