A new episode of Hawaii Five-O airs on Monday, September 27, 2010. Get an early look at it via this official preview.
Hawaii Five-O is probably the most anticipated new show of the 2010-2011 season. Check out a clip from its series premiere and sound off: Will you tune in?
Many TV fans consider the remake of Hawaii Five-O to be the most anticipated series of the fall. Does this promo convince you of that? Check out an extended preview now.
Will you tune in for the remake of Hawaii Five-0? It stars Alex O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim and this is an extended promo for the series.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Buffett: You ever fired an RPG?
Lori: [shakes head]
Buffett: It will mess your hair up, but it's like any ol'gun just point shoot.

I have a number of a therapist I wanna give you. Walk up steps like a human.