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The Cape is coming to NBC is January 2011. Get your first look at this unique series and figure out if you'll make room on your DVR for it.
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O course!
I hope NBC gives the cape a good chance to succeed and does a good job in promoting it


This looks like it could turn into something. Hey, at least THIS hero wears a COSTUME.


The Cape is going to be an awesome show . We wish the entire cast the best while filming the first episodes.
Its going to be fun to watch for all ages from kids to adult. :)


Wow, this looks pretty cool. I like the comic-books-like style. And i could certainly go for a good superhero show, especially since I was very disappointed with No Ordinary Family (which I have given up on).
I hope people will tune in for this. It seems many people are keen on not giving a chance to new shows on NBC these days, even though NBC has several very good shows. I don’t really understand the aversion to NBC’s shows.


This shows sounds like it has a good premise. I'll tune in.
When does The Cape premiere, BTW ?


I was VERY discouraged by the first promos and clips of the pilot episode. I saw something eye-rollingly corny that would flop like a fish on the beach. This promo was a more positive sign for me. The most positive sign is the excellent supporting cast. Keith David, James Frain, Vinnie Jones, and Summer Glau is one hell of a group to fill out a show with.


NICE! Excited for The Cape.

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The Cape Quotes

We are in the middle game. Pawns become crucial and out of your inexperience, you left your king vulnerable.


Police Chief: I hope that Chess character had a front row seat.
Chess: Backstage Pass.