The Grandfather Sneak Preview

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A sneak preview of "The Grandfather," from the second season of Gossip Girl.

omg, i love how chuck says IM TIRED OF PLAYING WHERES WALDORF


I'm Polish as well and as someone below said i am gossip girl freak as well :) if you want to know what she says i would translate it :) in Polish it is : Zwariowales gowniarzu , ja pracuje dla Mis Blair, co Ty sobie wyobrazasz, ze mnie kupisz? ok so now translate: Are you out of your mind, whipster! I'm working for Mis Blair ! Do you really think you're gonna bribe me? .... huh Dorota is COOL !!


YAY!! CHUCK and SERENA saving Blair??? YES!!!! :D And Dorora? I ABSLOUTLY LOVE HER!!


Dorota: Are you crazy you idiot/piece of sh**. I work for Miss.Blair, not you! You think you can buy me off? That's the basic gist of what Dorota says.. love her!


what is Dorota saying in Polish?


LOL XD Dorota is soo funny
i love her man
expecially when she starts cussing chuck in
um.. german i think i was, not sure tho`
and i like how she's like
old Mrs. Blair then new Mrs. Blair
just like it was old Miss. Serena then new Miss. Serena
it's very hard to keep track


I hate to see Blair breakdown like this. It is so sad she losing Yale also. Where are her parents?

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Take me now.


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