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Nate: Do you remember when you used to make us watch your favorite movies over and over again? Like Tiffany's, Holiday. You used to drive me nuts. I finaly asked you why you like watch movies you've already seen? Remember what you said?
Blair: I like knowing how things are gonna turn out.
Nate: Exactly.

When did everything get so screwed up.


Maybe I should head up to the roof to make it a little more dramatic.


Welcome to the next 30 years.


Looks like Polanski's in town.


Do you think the Humphreys have a crest that Jenny could sew onto one of my cardigans?


Chuck: Yale, the only thing she wanted more than me. That would be painful.
Serena: Chuck, she's embarrassed, so we've gotta give her time to lick her wounds.
Chuck: Maybe I could lick them for her.

Do you want me to overnight you a red tie from Bluefly?


What is this? Good cop, Bass cop?


Take me now.

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