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The final chapter of Red John will be told on The Mentalist this fall. Watch the first promo for Season 6 now.

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i love the mentalist i wish they could knew i muchbi love them is difficult to love them because they even know i exist but at least a can see you at sundays on tv please lisbon dont leave the show i hope that red john does not kill you . Patrick can you do this for me.... love Lisbon and treat her geantly she is a great person just like you and the rest of the team


yall are overthinking it look at the picture brett partridge is in them i think he answered the phone as brett partridge not red john just my theory but thats what i am thinking altough ive only been watching the shjow for 2 years i am fully caught up i have been watching shows about serial killers and i think that would be to obvius i believe it is brett calling as himself not red john


The way he says Patrick sounds exactly like Kirkland. I watched the actor on the show, Grounded for Life (in fact, I'm watching it on hulu right now), and he has a very particular speech pattern. I've actually had difficulty not thinking of him as Eddie, mainly because his speech is so distinct. In the promo, it sounded exactly like him. Prior to this, I didn't think RJ was Kirkland, it seemed to obvious, but maybe...


I don't think RJ has Lisbon. Somehow he has her phone. Or a clone of her phone (cough -- Hafner, the surveillance expert) and he's making Jane think he has her in order to show his power. And Jane is terrified, stricken. Notice how RJ calls her "Teréza," too? Weird. But please don't start that RJ is PJ stuff. Bruno has already said flat out, that is NOT the case.

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