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A preview of "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin," the March 22, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. It'll be an intense one for Jenny, for sure.

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whats going on with chuck an blair? they have problems?


nate gets hit because i paused it before Damien punches him. nate here to help Jenny again they should so totally go back out ther my favourite couple Nate is so fit :D:D


0:21 It's Nate...
You see him walking with them/running up to them.
Look at the suit.
And about all the 'pause it at's', When you pause it, the video is in action so it would look like the hair is longer than it actually is. Sooooo...


It is Nate that punches Damien, cause if you look at the orignial trailer for when GG was coming back its Nate (:


reporter lady: mr. bass is it true that you pay off women women you sexually harassed


It´s nate you can see that as he walks behind damien right before he gets punched at 0.20/21


Yeah Actually I think it's Nate by the shirt cause in the scene where hes talking to Serena you can tell its the same suit


Yeah when you pause it , it does look like rufus...:S im confused


guys- thats not nate or dan- its rufus or even maybe chuck. freeze the frame. look at hair.


It's deff nate that gets punched by Damien
Look at the shirt and stuff
Its obvious

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