Gossip Girl Review: "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin"

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While predictable at times, Monday night's Gossip Girl wasn't always so, and even when it was, it was pretty terrific all around, with some dramatic developments unraveling.

Perhaps what made "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin" stand out most was the integration of every character into the main story lines, with a few side plots intertwined as well.

The goal for most of the gang was simple: Find J and stop her from cashing in her v-card to that sleaze Damien. The title had us wondering all week: Would she ... you know?

We begin our review with the 16-year-old virgin herself ...

Woe is J

(STILL) THE 16-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN: Jenny is, with a little help from Nate.

By grounding Jenny, or trying to, Rufus was driving her right into Damien's arms. Not that he had much of a choice, really. It was up to Serena and Nate to steer her clear of him.

Jenny has been such a wild card since Season One that we absolutely could have seen her going through with it and giving in to the sleaze's advances. But ultimately she did not.

We're proud of J, and of S coaxing her to give her virginity to someone she loves. The situation forced Serena and Nate to revisit their own past, which was tense but compelling.

Serena accused Nate of employing a double standard by insinuating that losing her virginity was a big deal to a girl like Jenny, while for Serena, it was just some bar stool romp.

They worked through it, though, with S expressing regret about her decisions. It was fun to watch these two tackle a real relationship issue and not just get naked for a change.

Also integrated into the search for Jenny were Rufus and Lily, who appear to be working through their own problems, although it's obvious there's more trouble on the horizon.

We learn that Rufus was in fact true to himself and did not actually cheat on Lily. Similarly, his spouse was also true to herself and lied to him yet again about her trip at the end.

It looks like Serena's father is involved in Lily's mother's recovery, which is confusing. Why hide it from Rufus if it's just for her mom's sake? There must be more to it than that.

Do Cece's medical tests involve Lily somehow? Is Dr. van der Woodsen doing something experimental that Rufus wouldn't approve of? Or is L having a full-blown affair with him?

Regardless, you can tell the truth is killing her, and that no matter how good a liar she is, Lily does love Rufus and hates pulling the wool over his eyes. And yet she continues to.

While Dan tried to locate his younger sister, he also tried to establish guidelines in his relationship with Vanessa - friend zones, friends with benefits zones and the like. Fail, Dan.

These two are actually really good together, and it seems they're realizing it's hard to set up zones when you just wanna go all in. It will be very interesting to see where it goes.

Jack Bass is Back

JACK ATTACK: Bart's brother is back and more devious than ever.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Blair were dealing with their own drama in the form of Elizabeth, a sexual harassment lawsuit, a boycott of his hotel and the unwelcome return of Jack.

Something was up from the start with Jack, who suddenly came out of the woodwork insisting he had changed, and even tried to "warn" Chuck about the suspicious Elizabeth.

This was some quality misdirection, because Jack planting the seed in Chuck's mind made him have a DNA test done to establish if she's really his mom. The results say she is.

Why it mattered, aside from Chuck's "mommy issues," was a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Chuck, who stepped down as head of his hotel to avoid a PR nightmare.

The lawsuit is frivolous and we have no idea who's behind it, but he installed Elizabeth as the interim head of the Empire. But at the end, we learn she was working with Jack!

What's unclear is whether the DNA results were falsified, but either way, she and Jack have clearly conspired to oust Chuck. Even though we saw it coming, we sort of didn't.

What were your favorite parts of last night's Gossip Girl? What did you think of "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin" overall? Leave a comment and vote below!


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why does she tell Serena that she did lose it though? I feel like I *should* understand that part, but I don't.


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Serena IS a slut. Since the start of Gossip Girl we've seen her with quite a few guys and she's had sex with all of them. Kudos to Nate for caring about his virginity and feeling something when the one that took (Serena) it left. Sometimes people can just think of it as the start of their sexual life but clearly he saw it as more.


Yay for a Jenny-centric episode, it was definitely one of the better this season.
My favourite scene must be the one with Jenny and Nate on the bench. So amazing! *squee*. Thoose two actually have some real chemistry. And Nate must really care for J since he was the one doing the most to stop her from beng with Damien. And her comment about him not being available was so cute. She really should be loosing her V-card to him.
Serena and Nate have no chemistry, no goos story nothing. It looks like their only tossed togehter because their pretty. Please let them break up!


I completely agree and understand with what you mean by "Even though we saw it coming, we sort of didn't." I knew it was coming but at the same time I kind of wasn't 100% sure who was lying, who wasn't, who was on who's "team". They set up many possibility's of what the truth could be and even though I knew it was coming I still gasped and got all giddy with excitement when I saw Jack and Elizabeth AND Chucks lawyer!!!! did anyone else notice how he was in on it.... well obviously he would have to be! (god I'm stupid) LOL


Serenate is just... EWW. How can Serena be in love with him already? I get that Nate could be in love but it's too hard to believe for Serena since she falls in love with everyone. Geez just stick to ONE guy Serena. And I like how they stuck to the story and made Serena seem like a slut (which she is) and not made it seem like Nate was her first (because clearly he wasn't). And I do not want to see anymore sex scenes of them again. It makes me Sick.To.My.Stomache.


OMG THIS WAS AMAZING! SPOILER ALERT!!: I really wanted Jenny and Damien to go there and I actually thought they were a nice couple, but... yeah. Anyways, love love love the intrigue with Chuck, his mom and Jack... Dan and Vanessa - meh, okay, but I never liked them, separate or together :D. Serenate - I hope they turn out like Chuck and Blair, they're so nice together :33 I can't wait to see the next episode :oooo

Mister archibald

All I know is the episode was amazing and Serenate was wicked awesome, gotta love them, the show is def improving.


I said it and I will say it again
I HATE JACK BASSSSSS!!!! fuckkkkkkkk himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no offense Desmond ur hot but ur character sucks big time and I hate C's mother too!


my little fellows or maybe lilly is the one who is getting pregnant after sleeping again with serena's father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
georgina behind the lawsuit??????
she might be the secret second partner from uncle jack!!!!!!!!!
and about jenny getting drugged?
hmmm leaked sex video?????? OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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