A promo for the season finale of Gossip Girl. Will Russell or Charlie lose it, with catastrophic repercussions? Will Blair and Chuck reconcile?

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seriously guys
people like me who are proper fans of the show would understand that blair should always be in love with chuck and chuck should always be in love with blair. without that, the show would loose so many fans and it would just be so horrible to watch. its even getting horrible to watch now, the only reason im downloading the new episodes is in hope that chuck and blair will get back together, not for any of the other characters and the moment. hopefully the producers aren't mean enough to finally once and for all stop "chair" but who knows. all i hope is that they get back together, and that blair realises this who prince thing is just the fantasy of being a princess, and what she really wants is to be chucks princess again.


CHAIR FOREVER!!! No matter what happens, what Chuck or Blair does to each other they are just meant to be!


oh dude please don't let Chuck and Blair get together again!!!!!! ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHH


guys but u have all made mistakes it was only really at the end of season 2 he really found out he loved her and all the things he did sure they were crazy but dont you see him torn apart the one and only person who he loves is marring a rich prince ....and i know the glass thing but he wasent trying to hurt her he punched the window coz he was mad he didnt punch her he would never intenly hurt her and somewhere inside she loves him too she is just waiting for him to do something about it .................but i heard him say "you deserve a fairytale " maybe he is gonna let her go ... we will have to see


Actually guys, its not chuck ruining his character here, it's the writer. Dude josh schwartz was an OC writer who ruined the show when marissa died. I saw this coming, but i still love GG. They are even straying from the point of gossip girl! The show is suppose to revolve around Gossip Girl, not some big worldy dramas. I know theyre trying to put a spin so it's not predictable and it may be working, but i dont think they should call this gossip girl when gossip girl just narrates and barely takes part anymore


common chuck and blair so last season. Chuck has been really bad with her. They should stay like good friends... let blair go and be happy with someone that cares about her. i will (like others) stop watching gossip girl if they keap with this blair and chuck situation. Please let blair go with someone alse!!!! please


Totally Agree with you Selumgirl. I really was a chair fan in season 1 and 2 and yes also parts of season 3 but after seeing dan and Blair together i really feel they are so much of a better match. And Nate is not completely useless as he is the one who hit the nail in Chucks coffin when he said: "what you two have is NOT normal... She is better off with the French guy"
LMFAO exactly its weird, and honestly i felt is was VERY strange to believe hat Blair is SO "stupid" to instantly believe Chuck is on a roof trying to kill himself when she is about to get engaged officially at an event??? Hello usually she knows everything, smells fake plots ten miles against the wind and now she just gets an anonymous call and Runs to rescue Chuck??? And i also find it very hard to believe that she is worried about him LOL until today somehow everything made sense for me but this last episode really seemed very forced like IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY, make it possible. I think it was the worst episode in This season actually, Also the Thorpe story was very O.o pulled out of nowhere and yes not very plausible. But hey its a show and there have been some bad episodes before and i kept watching and it got better again thankfully until now this season was great but ya lets see how they let us into summer. I think it could be possible again that Blair gets back together with Chuck after last epsiode she keep running to save him and telling S she is worried about him *yawns* LOL sorry but ya the whole S and B frienemy thing is also getting old. But Should they really get back together now then i can hardkly imagine they will be endgame so it has good and bad sites. For me i think she should go with the prince and just be BFF with Chuck dump S as her friend permanently. And then later Hook up with Dan as the love of her life :P OK enough im not one of the writers so im just dreaming and then wait and see...


No. No.
I refuse to "forget everything I know"! I know what they're trying to do here, I know they intend to reedeem Chuck. To have him look like a hero in our eyes so we will forget what he's done. But here are the facts: 1. He stood her up in 1x18. 2. He tortured her all through season 2 to tell her he loved her. 3. He never gave up anything for her but had her make sacrifices for him 4. He whored her out for a hoter. Even worse: He manipulated her into whoring herself out and then blamed her. 5. He gave her an ultimatum after he sold her. 6. He slept with Jenny Humphrey. 7. He fell for Eva in like two minutes and treater her better than he ever did Blair, and was ready to give up EVERYTHING, even his stupid hotel (for which he previously sold Blair) to be with her. 8. He pranced Eva in Blair's face and then spat at her that she was just jelous because Eva was able to change him. 9. He called her the worst person ever and sought to destroy her for sabotaging his relationship to Eva AFTER the previously mentioned big gestures he made for her (in which I did not include the sabotage of four of Blair's potential relationships) 10. He fell for Raina in like two seconds and forgot all about Blair until he needed her again. 11. He called B out on kissing Dan because "he isn't part of their world" after he publicly dated a prostitute who he said was all the better becuase she was untouched by the UES. 12. He publicly humiliated her. 13. He physically hurt her (THAT'S NOT ABUSE MY ASS!!) 14. He blamed her for it. NOTHING HE EVER DOES WILL ERASE ANY OF THE MENTIONED EVENTS, AND BLAIR SHOULD GET SOME SELF RESPECT ONCE AND FOR ALL. And I'm not even rooting for Dan here, I'm rooting for ANYONEBUTCHUCK at this point.


OH. MY. GOD. That looks...OMFGG. Is it Monday yet????

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Chuck: There's a difference between a great love and the right love. I left the Empire State Building last year after two minutes when you didn't show. Louis waited all night. This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn't want it 'cause you've never had it and it scares you. But you deserve your fairytale.
Blair: We make our own fairytales.
Chuck: Only when we have to.

Serena: You know this isn't her fault. She needs help. The last time that this happened she ended up wandering through the snow in her bare feet.
Vanessa: Yeah. After she Single White Female'd her college roommate.
Serena: Rufus said the girl's boyfriend led her on.
Vanessa: Fine. She's in your dress with your ex. But if you're so concerned about Charlie you find her and I'll find Dan.

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