Theatricality Promo

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Glee is all about two things on this episode: Lady Gaga and surprises. Watch the official promo for "Theatricality" and get excited to watch Rachel meet her mother.

OMGx3.. wow.. A BIG PRODUCTION NUMBER.. I like QUINN alot too.. but I think I LOVE BRITANNY.. she's HILARIOUS.. LMAO.. is rachelle berry gonna transfer to VOCAL ADRENALINE to be with her mom.. I HOPE TODAY was TUESDAY.. im so excited *gigles*


Quinn is so pretty in the pink dress during bad romance performance... I want more of her in the show!! Quinn rocks!!! Quinn and Finn forever!!!

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My mom won't even let me watch Twilight. She says she thinks Kristen Stewart seems like a bitch.


American teens are coming down with an enormous case of Twilight fever.