There Will Be People Lining Up

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In a scene from "Beat Your Heart Out," Callie and Arizona have a heart to heart ... and more ... in the bathroom.

I can't resist to see again and again this moment.
I hope dr Arizona Robbins will become the new love interest for Callie.
They are wonderful together.


Tizzie don't say Ghost. NOOOOOOOOOOO more Denny!!!!! I think if it gets to grow. AZ is going to be just the thing that Callie needs. I think that you all can't get it through your head. Callie is a lesbian now. I was going to say bi. But she said herself that she was a lesbian. Sooo any way. AZ looks and acts really sweet. Did ya not see the way that AZ challenged Dr. Bailey? I think that she can be there for callie and be what Callie needs. If she don't fall in that hole in the SGH parking lot and disappear. Fingers crossed!!!


i have to agree with TIZZIE STEVENS, we`ve all been in that situation & when your down you need someone to pick you back up and make you believe again. maybe arizona will bring out a different side out of callie that we haven`t seen yet?
Seriously the baby & husband??? lol xx


Lyn-z... seriously?
instead of you i think that my baby callie is what she needs a wonderful woman taht make her believe again about - rainbows, relationships and all that crap- because when her trust was destroyed this is the correct antidote.
Ammm... About arizona i think that she has a wonderful storyline unexplored... may be she had a baby an he/she dies and her ex husband will come back... and there will be hauntin her in seattlwe grace hospital... i´m sick arent i=?
yes i know it but these are my styorylines is like i´m writting with shonda
thats all
see you


Great episode! I feel bad for Dr. Torres though, I hope she meets someone who make her go head over heels in love. That was a hot kiss, the one with Arizona, but I think she needs someone with a firm hand, someone who challenges her.

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Mark: Woah... what is that?
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