Tyler Blackburn Talks Return of Caleb

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Tyler Blackburn is back on Pretty Little Liars! With a haircut! Watch our interview with the star here.
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I'm soooo excited to have Caleb back! I love Haleb! I am loving the new hair cut also. He is actually cute now. Lol. Before, with the long hair, I was not digging him too much, but now the actor is hot lol. In response to the comment about a scene with Caleb and Alison, I can see how they would not get along. Alison is known for putting the other girls down and Caleb is very protective, of course, protective a lot with Hanna, but also of the other girls. I can see him and Alison getting into fights and having issues, especially knowing all that he knows about her before she "died" and how she treated the girls. I also can't wait to see how they are gonna deal with him returning to Rosewood. We all know how he left things with Hanna, due to the fact that he couldn't explain what was happening in Ravenswood and Hanna thinks he found another girl. I'm interested in, most likely, how, not if :P, Hanna forgives him and embraces him back into her life. Most likely, she'll be stubborn about it for a while, but Haleb is inevitable and she will some how get over it, preferably after a big romantic gesture by him to get her back ;)

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