The first sneak preview of "Valentine's Day Massacre," this week's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy. Bailey says she's "busy" on Valentine's Day but the lesbians aren't having it!

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Call me meredith

I love Callie & Bailey those two kknow when and when not to push buttons so fun to watch them together


i almost fell off my chair when bailey was like "we are not omg-ing" haha can't wait til thursday



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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Mark: Ahhh! What did you do to your hair?
Lexie: I changed it! [pauses] You thought I was someone else. And you were hitting on me! You are pathetic, and hypocritical and slutty.

[to Lexie] You can't pull it off! Blondes are either bad ass or fun. You're ... you're a brunette!