Valentine's Day Massacre Sneak Preview #5

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You chose her too! This Owen-Cristina-Teddy love triangle is more emotionally complex than most.

Teddi is really getting on my nerves!! She should have NEVER told Owen anything about how she feels. All she did was jam him up with all this emotional turmoil for her friendship and his love for Cristina.
Sometimes in life you NEED to know when to make a grand stand or walk away. This in my mind was TRULY a walk away situation.!!
Everything does NOT need to said in a relationship like this. Some things are meant for you to carry to the grave!!!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Mark: Ahhh! What did you do to your hair?
Lexie: I changed it! [pauses] You thought I was someone else. And you were hitting on me! You are pathetic, and hypocritical and slutty.

[to Lexie] You can't pull it off! Blondes are either bad ass or fun. You're ... you're a brunette!