Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Valentine's Day Massacre"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table discussion! Below, our panelists break down some of the hot topics and burning questions from Thursday evening.

Topics for our "Valentine's Day Massacre" Round Table include memorable quotes, Alex and Lexie, cute Bailey, Mercy Westers growing on us, and missing Izzie (maybe) ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

M.L. House: As someone who thinks the Meredith/Derek Post-It marriage is a contrived attempt for the show to seem cute, I loved Alex's line to the former: "You're just saying that because you think you're married."

iheartizzie: Tie between Meredith telling Derek to make it up to her with sex, and McDreamy's "if you don't feel the losses... then you're not cut out for this kind of work."

L.J. Gibbs: Any exchanges between Bailey and Arizona, but particularly this: "Bailey, where would you go on a first date?" Miranda: "Isn't their a dying child somewhere?"


2. Alex and Lexie: Hot or... not again!

L.J. Gibbs: Mark said blondes are either bad ass or fun, and Lexie couldn't pull it off. Talk about making your his eat his words! Wonder what he'll do if he finds out ...

iheartizzie: The fact that he's still married bugs me a little. I love Alex and Izzie together and hope there's a future there. No offense to Lexie but I'm going with not.

M.L. House: It would have been better if Lexie weren't sporting that hideous hair color, but spontaneous sex in a supply closet? That's never not hot.

3. Did you miss Izzie?

iheartizzie: I heart Izzie, so yes. I'm a little curious how she's going to be brought back into the fold and whether there's a lot of support for her among viewers still, or if people have moved on altogether. I'd love to hear more fan feedback on this.

M.L. House: Who?

L.J. Gibbs: As much as I do, these absences have been great for Alex. He's out of control, and even as he's flailing emotionally, he's funnier than ever. Team Karev!

4. More adorable: Bailey when she has a crush or a puppy?

M.L. House: I don't care if it's Golden Retriever mixed with a Lab, sprinkled with a baby's smile... I couldn't get enough of the typically calm and collected Bailey stammering through a mere conversation with the hunky gas man!

L.J. Gibbs: Hmm. If it's a Golden Retriever, then the Golden Retriever. If it's a Pug or something, then Bailey. Sorry, small dog owners ... and Bailey. I give up.

iheartizzie: Definitely Bailey. Dogs are cute, but when she gets flustered at the thought of the anesthesiologist hottie and razzed about it by Arizona? Classic.

5. Are the Mercy West staffers growing on you?

L.J. Gibbs: It was good to see April back. Sarah Drew is a cutie, and her emotional scene with Chief McDreamy at the end was one of my favorites all night.

M.L. House: Not really, with the notable exception of Jackson's line about his body. Can we get a visual next time, instead of just a verbal description?

iheartizzie: I personally think Jackson is a good character. We got to see his human side a little more last night, and I loved how he bucked up Lexie!

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Just thinking, I miss Izzy, and don't like that Alex is cheating on his wife.
Lexi and Mark were broken up, so I don't feel bad she slept with someone else, just that she slept with a married man. Mark needs to man up on this one.
As to someone's comment concerning Sloan being a bad person for not letting Mark raise the baby- she's 18! Adoption outside her family is a good option for her.
Arizona and Callie? Still does not seem right. I get the lesbian role with Arizona, and love her character, but Callie is hard to buy in that role. She and Mark need to get together.


I completely agree with the end MerDer interaction and end quotes almost making up for their being out of sync the last few epsiodes. Definately more MerDer is always needed I'm afraid I am not missing Iz. I think Mer is. I'm just wondering if Iz will return cos she can't get a job anywhere else. It'll certainly guilt Lex out and cause Alex to pause for thought(I hope)


i miss izzie sooo much!! the show is not the same without her. her and alex are meant for eachother!!!


I've been finding Lexie annoying since she got introduce saying "I'm your sister" to Meredith and expecting Meredith to treat her like a sister. Lexie became even more annoying after she asked Meredith "to give her dad back" as if Meredith had stole him. Now that she is acting like a douche dumping Mark and sleeping with Alex right after, I mean she slept with Alex the same night she dumped Mark, she didn't wait a day or two, it makes me want to hate her. Lexie needs some balls.Can some one lend her some? Seriously.


I feel that Mark is more mad at Lexie for leaving him when he needed her the most, than the fact that she actually slept with Alex. He wanted to be a good dad to Sloan. He wanted to be a part of her life and to help her out and Lexie totally bailed. If she really loved Mark and cared for him she should have bucked up and taken resposibility....that is what being a grown up is. That is what happens when you date an older man. That is what you do in a relationship. Him sleeping with Addie was wrong, but he needed that comfort. Her sleeping with Alex...I still can't figure that out....and sleeping with him again...what is her problem. Hopefully she will take Jacksons advice and quit being mousy...because she is starting to get annoying. She needs to buck up and she needs to keep her clothes on...unless it is with Mark. I don't see them getting back together anytimes soon.


MerDer should get married officially.They are GREAT!!!! And we do not buy that Lexie is soooo sexy!!!! Come on!!! Arizona and Callie are really good too, but i think that Callie makes a perfect couple with Mark


Lexie is still an idiot and a bad actress, either blonde or brunette. Shonda should know that after so many seasons. More screentime on MerDer, Bailey and Christina please. These are the real stuff, the real actors.


Technically alex and izzie are still married so the alexie thing is kinda gross. I mean where's her moral compass. Being a bad ass and just plain being skanky are two totally different things. Besides she get's emotionally involved with everyone remember she dug alex in the past but he dissed her. So she's totally not gonna be ok at the end of this.


1. Derek: "Yes, dear." That rearview miror look was extremely HOT!
2. Not again! I love Alex and I love Lexie as a blond but these two will never make it for the long run. I really like Mark and Callie together but I also love Arizona and Callie. Mark needs Callie.
3. Who?
4.Puppy. Taht storyline needs more development before I could honestly say that Bailey is hot for the gas man. I do want Bailey to let her hair down with the gas man for sure.
5. Jackson and Ben can stay. Get rid of Charles, Reed and weeping April stat!


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? You are going to make up to me with a lot of sex.
Yes, dear.
LOVE THEM! Best quote ever=]. 2. Alex and Lexie: Hot or... not again! Sex in a closet.. can never be not hot!! Wonder what Mark will say if he finds out.. and in SGH nothing can be kept a secret! 3. Did you miss Izzie? Who the hell is Izzie?! LOL! She can never come back! GA is so much better without her.. And god I loved Alex laughing, the friendly scenes with Meredith and him shining as an incredible doctor he is. He is one of my favourite characters and he is so much better without her. 4. More adorable: Bailey when she has a crush or a puppy? Well puppies are adorable, but I love that she is giving Ben a chance! She needs some lovin' too. 5. Are the Mercy West staffers growing on you? I really love Jackson. He is so hot and I love his character. And well from the spoilers, he is going to have a storyline and some sort of a bond with my fav character[Meredith] so I guess I will definetly find him more interesting than he is:D. The rest can go.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Mark: Ahhh! What did you do to your hair?
Lexie: I changed it! [pauses] You thought I was someone else. And you were hitting on me! You are pathetic, and hypocritical and slutty.

[to Lexie] You can't pull it off! Blondes are either bad ass or fun. You're ... you're a brunette!