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This video is meant to stir debate: which vampire series is better: The Vampire Diaries or The Twilight Saga?

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I don't want to compare TVD and TTS.. For me both are good, but the difference is that TVD is a series while Twilight not. Honestly I was so obsessed with the movie twilight :) I keep on watching it and I love the chemistry of Edward and Bella, and Jacob is so hot :)) Until twilight ends and I am still waiting for more twilight movies but i guess i shouldn't be expecting. And I heard lot of people said that TVD is nice, better and best. I was curious so I started to watch TVD season 1 and now I am now obsessed with TVD... although I'm still in season 2 but who cares ! I'm catching up until i reach season 5 :D But of course I can't forget the twilight, this was been my inspiration same with the TVD ...


AND tvd is NOT rip-off. a) the books were made BEFORE anything about twilight. b) the only similarity is the vampires and the love triangle. and even with that, jacob in twilight is more like a third wheel, instead of part of the love triangle, cus he never stood a chance


the two are nothing alike, just they both have vampires in them... tvd is soooo much more realistic. twilight is so unwilling to delve into the depths of REAL life and REAL problems. its very black and white. sorry, there are people (damon) who seem bad at first but are actually GOOD. and do we see character changes in twilight? NO. and in twilight no one good dies, and everyone lives happily ever after beating the 'baddies'. meyer is afraid to kill off people, is what it seems. and everything evolves around the couple (bella and edward). it gets pretty boring quick. bella is depressing, no fun, selfish, not interdependent at all, relying on edward for EVERYTHING. great role model for kids out there! damon/ian is WAY hotter than edward/robert, who either looks drunk, on drugs, or ill. edward is like wet socks, he's sparkly, soppy and practically blackmails bella to marry him at the start. and he's a 100 year old brooding virgin fgs! twilight vampires DONT HAVE FANGS. wtf. stupid! killing vampire reputation much? plus i dont believe you can fall in love with someone (bella in love with jacob) whilst with someone else (edward) if you truly believe they're the one and pick them ED/BELLA LOVE IS WRITTEN LIKE ITS BASED ON APPEARANCE. all they say throughout the book about each other is 'she smells good' 'his eyes' blah blah blah oh, and


I like the twlight saga but no where near as much as the vampire diaries. I think that the vampire diaries has more action and suspense then twlight does. I also have to say that Stefan and Damon are so much hotter than edward is. I have read both series and watched both of them and the vampire diaries gets my vote.


Both of them are rly gud bt i just have to choose twilight, twilight is beast, i've read evry single one of the books & seen the movies but i have also seen TVD bt i still perfer Twilight its still the best to me, TVD just like ripped of twilight & thats just not right so... TWILIGHT!


vampire diaries is way better then that non violence retarded twilight and elena is way prettier then bella.bella is just a waste to elena.


the vanpire diary vs twilight saga
the vanpire diary are when there is blood and die people and love in it but vanpire diary is the one for mii and if twilight fans do not like it.
the vanpire diary is the best no.1 not 2 or 10 just no.1 so any one can see it on t.v and not at the movies but twilight you would have to see it at the movies and wait for it to come out when the vanpire diary every monday at 8:30 on GO and see it So That Is Why You Would See It now On ya babes


didn’t you know that the twilight cast are keeping there mouth shut, while the tvd cast are saying something behind the twilight cast’s back. Big head. Edward maybe that sexy and hot but come on respect the guy. Damon is hot but he called Edward “fake’ and ‘trash’. I used to love tvd but now I don’t anymore. Edward looked gay on new moon because they have to make Jacob look better, they have to make Jacob stronger and taller. That’s why they made Edward looked wasted in new moon.


oh come on guys.. look TVD is good too. but TVD WON'T BE A HIT in tv IF TWILIGHT did not started in a big screen. you know what i mean.. so what if the TVD was written first. It would not be a good hit in tv if there is no twilight MOVIES. Right? AND OH.. in twilight i like the fact that vampires can just drink blood from animals and not kill people. In tvd its like harsh,mean and hatred. but hey i watch tvd too its just that i would still go for twilight.


ich liebe dich du bist hammer

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