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An extended promo for next week's Gossip Girl, "War at the Roses." HOT is what we'd call it!

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chuck at 0:09 is sooo hootttttttt. they need to have him look angry and douchey more often. that was part of his charm. i stopped reading twilight once edward said he loved bella. for the pure sake of entertainment, douchey bad boy love intrests are always the best ones.its not real life. its television. moral values dont matter much.


go blair..don't give up easyly to chuck make him torture with your sex appeal lol !!! This is the time chuck get the punishment,
Can see but can't touch..go..go blair...


can't wait 4 this episode!!!! my God when they realize that they are prefect 4 each other??? CHAIR IS FOREVER!!


OMG if you watch closely and pause it at 25seconds you can see chuck throwing off his jacket not pulling away. LOL
omg cant wait agh love u leighton meester(blair)




I'm not exactly sure how to react about the look on Chuck's face when he's pulling off his jacket (or what appears to look like) and goes for Blair. This is the start of the hate sex which looks more like an attack. Then again it'll happen so fast...


If you watch it really slow and pause at :25, Blair is reaching out to Chuck and Chuck is giving her a really bad look while he pulls away. I really hope this isn't another one of those GG previews that fake us out and let us down


I believe there is a conscious play of words in this promo...
"Because when it finally comes, It's going to be huge"....and "sex" not so subtly whispered repeatedly in the background, hahaha can i say...I look forward to it? haha

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