War Sneak Preview

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A sneak preview of this week's episode of Private Practice, "War." Who will emerge victorious?

Happy to see Violet back well and ready to be a mother to Lucas. She needed time to heal herself and is ready to make a home for Lucas ... with Pete. They belong together. Allison has slept with so many differet men the last couple of season, I cannot see her as Pete's wife and Lucas's mother, especially now that Violet is well ... and still loves Pete ... and I think Pete loves Violet. I'd like to see them together before the last episode. Enjoy the show more now that Tim Daly has a deeper role. I tune in to see Tim ... as, I'm sure, do many of his fans.

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Private Practice Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

You want to fight dirty? Let's fight dirty.


I do not believe Violet Turner is a fit mother.