Weeds Creator Speaks on Season 7 Finale

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The creator of Weeds is featured in this video. She discusses the season seven finale and how it sets up a likely eighth season.
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I thought the series got boting once Celia and others were not in it anymore and has become about a greedy slut that had everything and could give a shit less about anyone including her family


What if the shooter wasn't trying to kill Nancy? I think it could be Josh Wilson trying to shoot his father doug Wilson who has made pretty clear he hates.


I happen to enjoy this series and i hope that they continue to make lots more seasons.i never find the show boring theres always something happening and i like how they finally put nancy in prison because befor that it was to good to be true everytime she should have went to jail she got out of it some how and it doesnt work like thbat in the real world anyways i totaly think there should be a season 8


I used to love this series and Nancy but now she has become nothing more than a dirty slut. Please end it already.

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