Kelly Snubbed In Favor Of Talentless Hack

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As lingerie manufacturer Victoria's Secret rolls out its new "Pink" line of underwear, Kelly Clarkson was reportedly in the running as the line's new face (and body). But the original American Idol lost out to another singer, one with no talent, and who isn't even the best-looking girl in her own family. Ashlee Simpson.

Victoria's Secret determined that Simpson, 21, is perfect for the product, which the company is marketing to a younger, cuter audience.

What Could Have Been

Personally, we find this to be a joke, because Ashlee Simpson is not only laughable as an artist, but not even that attractive. There's only so much that bad plastic surgery can fix when you reach a certain point. One would think that a cute, genuine, sexy, girl-next-door type like Kelly would be ideal for a campaign like this, but alas. We'll have to use our imagination.

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