Win a Chance to Date Kelly Clarkson... or Close to it

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Win a Chance to Date Kelly Clarkson... or Close to it
Who wouldn’t want a chance to date Kelly Clarkson?

MTV is setting out to answer that question. A new show, My Own, will air every weekday at 6 p.m. EDT and PDT. The premise of the show? Helping a freaky fanatic find the [man or woman] who most closely resembles their favorite celebrity heart-throb in every conceivable way!

In the case of the August 30 episode, a fan will get to pick the girl who looks, sounds and even thinks like inaugural American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson.

With the help of two friends, one lucky fan will have the opportunity to question, examine and audition an assorted selection of wannabe pop-stars hand-picked by MTV. According to Kelly's online fan club, the fan will inspect the six pop star wannabes, searching for the one who acts, talks and generally resembles Kelly.

After a series of challenges and eliminations, three finalists will square off, performing some of Kelly's hit songs (in other words, all of Breakaway). In the end, the wannabe that best embodies the look and feel of ultimately will be the one our super-fan calls... My Own.

We're not sure about this whole idea, but MTV has proven adept at cranking out guilty pleasures and reality programs we love to hate, yet can't stop watching. And let's face it -- Kelly is pretty awesome. Sadly for fans, it looks like Yellow Card frontman Ryan Key gets to date the real thing. Lucky. At least you'll have this new show... and Kelly's new calendar.

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