American Idol Album Sales Update

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Here's the latest on how various American Idol albums are doing on the charts:

  • Top Idol on the top 200 album chart: Carrie Underwood. No. 6 last week, she shot to No. 4, selling 292,000 copies (up about 47% over the previous week.) Her total is 4.59 million.
  • Chris Daughtry. His sales were up nearly 40%, 250,000 compared to 181,000, and he crossed the one million line in actual sales. He also went down on the chart, from No. 7 to No. 8, but that won't dampen the celebration.
  • Taylor Hicks. He fell from 2 to 15 on the chart; sales dropped from 298,000 to 202,000. Such a drop would normally be in the acceptable range, but not in a week when overall sales were up 34%.
  • Kellie Pickler. Held her own pretty well, taking only a slight chart drop (56 to 61) and selling 63,000, up from 45,000 the previous week. Total is 336,000.
  • Fantasia Barrino. Serious fan base evaporation. The album fell from No. 19 to No. 63, selling 62,000, down about 53% from the first week. Total is 195,000.
  • Clay Aiken. Dropped from 124 to 143 on the chart, but sold around 20% more (23,000 compared to 19,000) and his total is 483,000. His Merry Christmas With Love album nearly equaled A Thousand Different Ways this week, selling 21,000 (22,000 the previous week; total 1.3 million).

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