Ellen Pompeo on Golden Globes, Cast Chemistry and More

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Ellen Pompeo - the Golden Globe-nominated Ellen Pompeo! - recently sat down with TheEnvelope.com.

Ellen Pompeo on Golden Globes, Cast Chemistry and More

To read the entire interview, click here. We've provided a few excerpts below:

Q: This is a big year for you. You get engaged on your birthday [to Chris Ivery] and then you receive the Golden Globe nomination the following month.

Ellen Pompeo: Yes, I have a few things to be happy about!

Q: Speaking of the Globes, have you started working on an acceptance speech?

Ellen Pompeo: No way! You know, I don't have a chance. Edie Falco and Kyra Sedgwick [are nominated]. Come on!

Q: Are you surprised that the series attracts such a diverse age group of fans?

Ellen Pompeo: I think that is the most pleasantly surprising thing about the show. It's surprising that the show is so popular, but I am just so happy that people are finding solace in the show.

Mothers are telling me it is something they can do with their teenage daughters because they are having a hard time getting through to them. This is something they can do together because the teenagers love the show and the mothers love the show. The fact that the show is a vehicle that is bringing people together is the most important thing to come out of this.

I feel hopefully we breakdown all sorts of stereotypes -- racial and medical. I love the fact that also -- not to digress -- that we do have so many elderly storylines in the show. I feel like a lot of shows are into what's young and hip and cool. The fact that we have 14-year-old patients in the hospital and 90-year-old patients in the hospital -- we represent all people.

Q: Were you surprised about the headlines the series made over the October on-set argument between regulars Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey when Washington used a homophobic slur about one of the show's stars? (T.R. Knight, who plays George, came out of the closet soon after the fight).

Ellen Pompeo: I wasn't surprised by it. I knew immediately when that happened, I said 'Oh, oh. They don't know how big this will be.' I knew because I already had my little experiences with the press coming after me and from me doing absolutely nothing.

There were rumors I was anorexic and a diva. The fact that none of this was instigated and they made such a big deal about it. I wasn't in the room when the fight happened. I was in the next room and heard the fight and I thought this is going to be huge.

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