American Idol Cuts: TV Guide Previews Who is Likely to Go

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Our thanks to TV Guide for its weekly American Idol round-up. That being said, let's turn it over to Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez as they discuss last week's auditions, as well as what to expect tonight through Thursday ... Topic No. 1, Baylie Brown, aka Miss "Commercial with a Capital C" who was stuck with two best friends....
Kimberly: The best friends who want to kill each other? [Laughs] She was such an early favorite. Do you think she got a raw deal?
Rosanna: She forgot her lyrics and she didn't even try to make something up. If you're going to make a mistake, you have to make up for it while you have a chance.
Kimberly: She is more commercial and more American Idol, but at the same time, it's not like they have had to remember a whole song. If you can't remember four sentences under that kind of pressure, imagine trying to learn a whole song with Simon staring you down. That's a good point: Sing something.
Kimberly: Exactly. At least be able to remember the melody enough to, "Blah, blah, blah..." Throw something out there.
Rosanna: You can't blame it on, "Oh, the other two girls were throwing me off." No, it's your responsibility. Yes, Baylie is really talented and beautiful, but she didn't go for it.

American Idol Cuts: TV Guide Previews Who is Likely to Go Is the Hollywood round perfect? Fair? Is there anything you would do to change it?
Rosanna: It doesn't seem to be perfect. I think [Sundance Head, pictured] said it best: "If I knew what the formula was, I would sell it." You're not sure who is getting picked or why.... There are obviously people who are talented, and others who are questionable.
Kimberly: The group numbers are silly and they shouldn't have to do them, but at the same time it's a reality show and it's really, really good drama. And speaking of the group numbers, everybody complains, "Well, we only had overnight." OK, did you see the four guys who were amazing, with the [human] beat box?! They were amazing and they did that overnight. Who did you cheer for?
Rosanna: I was really excited about Chris Sligh. He's got a great personality. I think I read somewhere that he has "Christ on his side." But can Jesus text vote?
Rosanna: Well, He can influence other people who do text vote. And you, Kim, happy for your JT-alike, Chris Richardson?
Kimberly: Chris was a little nasally, but I think the girls are going to absolutely fall in love with him. And Lakeesha, she has the whole package. Is there anyone you are wavering on now, based on their Hollywood performance?
Rosanna: Well, Sundance I think is inherently talented; he just made wrong song choices during Hollywood week, several times, forgot some lyrics, and hit some really bad notes. But hopefully he'll get a lot better. He's going to have to rehearse more carefully.
Kimberly: Sundance was all over the place, it was just wrong. He's one of my top picks, and now I'm really hoping that he comes back and proves himself. I personally do not think he should have gone through, with the performance he gave in Hollywood. And the two girls who were friends, the one that made it through.... They're both catty and mean-spirited and shouldn't be on the show.

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