Sabrina Sloan: From Oblivion to Stardom

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Sabrina Sloan
To be honest, we didn't think much about Sabrina Sloan before last night's tremendous audition.

FOX seemed to feature other contestants, such as Chris Sligh and Melinda Doolittle, a lot more than this semi-finalist. But the world pretty much knows Sloan now.

Maybe we shouldn't award the crown to Lakisha Jones just yet. Sabrina was sublime. Therefore, we wanted to share a few quick facts about this singer to help spread the word:

  • Not only does Sloan remember the age in which she began singing (three), she actually recalls that it was on top of a table at Chucky Cheese.
  • Asked to choose her own American Idols, Sabrina points to her mom. And Oscar nominee Jennifer Hudson.
  • She has a husband named Chip.
  • A week after the 9/11 attacks, Sabrina moved into a "cockroach-infested apartment to pursue singing."

Now THAT's dedication! The kind that will take you far in a competition such as American Idol. After last night, looks like viewers are beginning to realize that.

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