Justin Guarini Talks About New Season of American Idol

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Guarini Speaks
TVGuide.com recently sat down with the first-ever runner-up on American Idol, Justin Guarini. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

TV Guide: Any early favorites?
Guarini: Lakisha Jones. I really like her.

TV Guide: When the Corey Clark scandal hit, did you feel jealous that Paula Abdul hadn't hit on you?
Guarini: [Laughs] I was just hoping that because of the hair thing, people wouldn't get us confused. Corey even tried to drag me into that... but fortunately I'm not a [creep] and have a good publicist, so I was able to get the truth out there.

TV Guide: As Kelly's runner-up, do you get to assume the duties of the American Idol if her sales start slipping?
Guarini: [Laughs] I'm still trying to get over the fact that we agreed to drink the Kool-Aid if From Justin to Kelly didn't do well and she totally reneged on that deal! But I'm working on my third CD, and this one is going to be the album I wish I had made the first time.

TV Guide: Who knows, From Justin to Kelly could become the Rocky Horror of this generation.
Guarini: Oh, my god. It'll be the "Beach Horror"! People can [sing along] and wear those afro wigs from the party store!

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