Tammy Lauren Speaks on The Young and the Restless

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Detective Maggie can hold her own on The Young and the Restless. However, portrayer Tammy Lauren enjoys showing her softer side.

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"Women who act as tough as Maggie are probably more scared of things than others," Lauren said to Soap Opera Digest. "It's such a boys' club on any police force that the women I've seen in law enforcement have to be tougher than the average woman. It's a defense mechanism."

But what about after hours?

"When they're with the guys they're into, they get to show their girly side," Lauren said. That's why she likes Maggie with Paul. "She has her two sides and that makes it more fun to play. One side would be boring."

Overall, the honeymoon is over for Maggie and her PI: "It's going to get complicated, which is way cooler than straight romance. The whole relationship, it's been work that's kept them together. Now all this information comes out — like Heather!

"That was a bombshell: If my boyfriend told me he had a grown daughter that didn't know about him, I'd freak out," the actress said. "It would make me think twice about him. And Paul (Doug Davidson) still has a few more surprises he's getting ready to drop on Maggie."

Tammy, of course, wasn't even meant to still be on The Young and the Restless.

"When I joined the show, it was just for the Carmen Mesta murder mystery and then I'd be done," Lauren said. "Since then? There are so many damn criminals in Genoa City that it's kept me busy!"

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