Martha Byrne Dishes on As the World Turns Spoilers

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Dusty rejects Lily this week on As the World Turns. The development sends her on a downward spiral that culminates in a shocking death on Friday.

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"It starts bad and ends worse," Martha Byrne, who plays the tormented heroine, tells The New York Daily News. "Lily has been fragile since her [pill] addiction. It will take very little to set her off again."

On this week's As the World Turns episodes, it's Dusty telling her he is still in love with Emily.

"She is completely devastated," says Byrne. "That sets her off, and she starts scoring drugs again. She goes to Yo's to pick up a couple of pills - I didn't realize that Yo's was the hot spot for medication - and she runs into Krista."

Krista used to work as a prostitute, a fact she shares over drinks - and pills - with Lily.

"At first, Lily misunderstands," says Byrne. "She says, 'You must be talking about somebody else.' There's no way that the Emily she knows would do something like that. But then it starts to make sense. Lily uses that information in the most horrible way because she's hurt."

Indeed, Lily leaves a note for Emily's boyfriend, Chris (Dylan Bruce), detailing Emily's life as a prostitute; then, she heads for a party at the hospital, where everything blows up.

What happens next? Tune in this week to As the World Turns and see!

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