DeAnna Pappas & Jesse Csincsak: Wedding Planning!

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Now that the season finale of The Bachelorette is a thing of the past, DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak can finally focus on what matters.

Being an engaged, happy couple - and planning the big day! The pair recently revealed some of the first details of their wedding plans.

“It’s like a weight off your chest,” Csincsak said last week at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, where DeAnna threw out the first pitch.

“[During The Bachelorette] she was able to go out and do all the press, but I was just locked in a house, staying quiet, losing my mind [and] wanting to tell all my friends that I was engaged to the hottest woman alive!”

Jesse Csincsak, DeAnna Pappas Photo

The first time they ventured out together as a couple, DeAnna and Jesse dined at a restaurant where they were immediately recognized.

A local waitress jokingly said they had ruined The Bachelorette's season finale for her since she had it taped but hadn’t seen it yet.

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