"Bombay Highway" Episode Recap, Quotes, Pictures and More!

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There's a brand new episode of Lipstick Jungle in just two short days!  In the meanwhile, the editors of the Fanatic are going through season one, episode by episode to recap every event, record every quote, and capture every picture.  The latest episode in our ongoing endeavor was "Bombay Highway."

Nico and Hector at the Premiere Party

In this episode we saw resolution between Nico and Kirby's law suit, we saw the premiere of Wendy's latest movie, Bombay Highway, and we saw the return of Victory Ford as she designed a dress for a major celebrity.

Josh can Party!

Please go ahead and read our full recap, read through our hilarious selection of 18 quotes, browse the 9 gorgeous pictures we uploaded, and, as always, we have the music from the episode for your browsing.

Victory and Roy Hide

Stay tuned for more recaps!

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wendy: You've known me for 20 years, you know I don't try on shoes in public.
Victory: Oh, Come on.
Wendy: No no, they marvel at how big they are. They bring out measuring devices.

Nico: What, you're not ready to help me raise my dead husband's baby? What's the matter with you?
Kirby: Well when you put it that way