"Pilot" Episode Guide, Quotes, Picture, and Music live!

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We're slowly going through the first season of Lipstick Jungle and adding episode recaps, quotes, pictures, and music from each episode starting with the "Pilot."

Victory Does an Interivew

In addition to our excessively detailed recap, we've gone ahead and watched the episode three times with our TiVo to make sure we captured 21 quotes from the episode.  Hey, there could be worse things we had to do.

We also apologize for only gathering 3 pictures from the episode for you guys.  We promise we'll never do so few again.

But in good news we put in 10 songs thast were featured on the soundtrack of the first episode.  We even put in lyrics for most of them to help you figure out when the song played.

Bear with us while we build up the ultimate archive of Lipstick Jungle quotes, pictures, and episode recaps.  We will be the authority on the best show on the air.

Wendy and Nico Show Support

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Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Shane: I know she's your bff and all...
Wendy: Did Maddie teach you that?
Shane: Yeah..

It's like a tupperwear party, but with bling.

Wendy [on Victory's jewelry party]