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The pilot opens up at Victory Ford's fashion show.   The next scene we find out it was a disaster and Victory's career is in a "transition."

Next Wendy receives a phone call from her boss Hector from London.  Some other studio is doing a galileo project and they got DiCaprio.  Wendy and Shane have an meeting to get their kid into fancy private school.  Shane will have to reschedule his restaurant meeting if he's to go.  No big deal, it's the only thing he has going for him.

Cut to Nico who's trying to convince her husband Charles to go to her magazine party that night.  He's not willing.  Let's blow it off and spend the night at home.  No?  Fine, she'll go alone.  Nico goes into the office to find out Mike Harness already stole her notes and briefed Hector.  Jerk.

Now we have Victory at her office, she's having problems with her distrubtor in Japan.  They apparently don't like her new line either.  But luckily she gets a good phone call.. from billionaire Joe Bennett's assistant.  She's got a date.

At Nico's party she gives a good speech and then gets to bitch out Mike.  Heading to the bar she meets a cute guy named Kirby.

Meanwhile, we go to Victory and her date.  Joe sends a car to pick her up.  Man this guy is impersonal.  No on to Wendy.  She's dealing with the director of a romantic comedy who's doing a terrible job.  Fires him.

Back to sexy Kirby and Nico flirting hardcore at the bar.  Nico, feeling guilty, walks away and escapes to the bathroom.  Kirby follows and they begin to make out.  Hot!  She stops him and he writes his number on her inner thigh.  Even hotter!

Onto Joe and Victory's date.  They have a really cute convo in the limo.  Back to Nico, she's desperately trying to get Charles to notice the number on her leg.  He does not.  Wendy, production has continued even though she fired the director.

Nico, at work, confronts Hector about Mike during their lunch, he doesn't want her to take over the company because she might have a baby at any moment.  She did tell his wife she wanted one after all.  Well she salts Mike's salad.  Take that.

Now all three girls meet at the park.  We find out Nico hasn't gotten laid in awhile and Victory is about to sleep with Joe.  Oh and she paid for dinner.  On her way home, Nico gets the number from her leg (it's still there!?) and calls Kirby.  Headsover to his place.

Poor Shane is meeting with people about their restaurant.  They ask where the primary investor Wendy is.  Ouch.

Back to Kirby and Nico.  Nico is drinking some wine.  Is this her first time cheating?  Yep, he jumps her.

Wendy receives a phone call from DiCaprio.  She tells him they don't need him, they already have Crowe.  She hangs up.  He calls back, he's in!

Joe floods Victory's house with flowers a note that says "If someone pays for my dinner, the least I can do is leave a tip."  Nice.

Wendy shows up to the school interview but there's no Shane.  He texts her saying he's running late.  Unfotunately he shows up after the interview and they have a nice little fight.

Victory meets with the company out in Japan.  They want her to work with their designer to make her new designs look like her old.  She refuses.  Back in her hotel she's in tears.  Joe calls and sends her a jet to come back!  God, hes the man.

The show ends with the three ladies on the rooftop.  Wendy tells them about her marriage problems.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

The freezer is stocked with dove bars and weed.


Nico: It's the clothes they're rejecting, not you.
Wendy: Her clothes are her.