Supernatural Scoop: Is Sam Sleeping with Ruby?

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There's been a question in the back of all Supernatural fans, is Sam sleeping with his demon friend, Ruby?  Although the series creator, Eric Kripke, won't let it slip, it looks like star Jared Padalecki just spilled the beans to tvguide.

Sam and Ruby

So is Sam sleeping with Ruby or what!?  Well according to Padalecki, "They have been lovers.  From the first episode this season, when Dean returns and Ruby (now played by Genevieve Cortese) is in her underwear and Sam is coming out of the bathroom, it's hinted that Sam and Ruby have a little bit more going on than, 'Hey, let's study how to kill demons.' They've... dabbled."

Oooh, dabbling never sounded so hot.  So does Ruby like doing the nasty?  Well, "I guess so, or maybe she's just being nice to Sammy, since he thought he lost his brother."  That's some good pity sex.

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