"Crush'd" Recap and Quotes!

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Last night's episode, "Crush'd" featured what we always dreamed, Betty and Amanda becoming roommates!  The episode revolved around Betty setting up an after party for Jesse's band, Dark Sexual Journey, to play at in order to impress him. 

Jesse Performs with Band

Also in the background were Marc and Cliff looking to take the next step and Daniel and Wilhelmina having a power struggle with Connor in the middle.  Overall, it was a great episode and you can catch up with our full "Crush'd" recap

Here's a sampling of quotes from the episode:

Amanda: I can't sleep
Betty: What do you want me to about it?
Amanda: Sometimes it helps if you tickle my back and tell me I'm pretty | permalink
Betty: Are you wearing my leggings?
Amanda: It's cute right? And the other leg makes a matching scarf
Christina: I have to say, I don't hate it | permalink
Connor: My guess a woman such as yourself would have a bottle of 61 single malt scotch floating around the place somewhere
Wilhelmina: 48
Connor: Perfect, older is always better
Wilhelmina: I wouldn't know, I've been the same age for years | permalink
Betty: Why are you always around?
Amanda: Betty, we're roomies now, this is what we do. I'm supposed to be all up in your biz, so why the brown face? | permalink
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Ugly Betty Quotes

Amanda [referring to Fey]: I just stare at her picture all day and then I stare at myself in the mirror
Marc: More than usual?
Amanda: Yeah
Marc: Oh
Amanda: I just wish I got to know her better
Marc: Yeah and I wish I got to know Marlon Brando before he got fat

Bye bye braces!