Supernatural Spoilers: Q&A with Sera Gamble Part Two

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TV Guide recently brought us some quality Supernatural spoilers thanks to a reader Q&A with supervising producer Sera Gamble.  Now, TV Guide offers up part two with even more questions answers.  Here's a small excerpt:

I'm sure one or two of those people Dean tortured in Hell weren't demons, but regular folk who had an error in judgment. Will Sam and Dean ever run into any of them? — K.
Sera Gamble: We batted around a few versions of that idea, but we've been focusing more on his torturer, Alastair. The pertinent details of Dean's Hell story get told through that relationship. There's more to come in a future episode.

I read the spoilers for Episode 18. Is there any chance you will play the character named Sera? — ckll
Gamble: Nope. There is a character named Sera Siege though. There are characters named after everyone on the staff. The episode starts out dizzyingly meta: Sam and Dean discover a book series called Supernatural, about the adventures of two demon-hunting brothers named Sam and Dean. Every detail is spot-on. Obviously, this is deeply alarming to them. Julie Siege wrote the episode, and she was very even-handed, in that she managed to take hilarious jabs at the writers, the fans and the boys. The story eventually twists in an unexpected direction that's more grounded and substantial — it's not just an amusing exercise. But if there was any doubt that we have a sense of humor about ourselves, this ought to clear it up.

What is the difference (besides what I guess you could call their "political" affiliations") between the angels and demons? I ask because their policies seem to be pretty similar: Both sides are into possessing humans; both sides are into destroying large numbers of humans and both sides are willing to do extreme measures with no regard for the suffering of others to achieve their objectives. — MrKWoodmaid
Gamble: Their methods are often eerily similar, huh? I find that pretty interesting. One big difference is that demons used to be human. Angels never were. Demons may have lost their humanity, but it could be argued that angels never had it to begin with. But: It's not entirely true that angels have no regard for the suffering of humans. Castiel is clearly troubled by it. Anna was so compelled by humans that she chose to fall. You've got to take angels on a case-by-case basis.

Julie McNiven as Anna
Castiel on Supernatural

Will DemonMeg, Ellen, Lilith, Alastair or Anna be back anytime soon? — BradleyL317
Gamble: Yup, you'll be seeing Alastair and Anna again soon. And Lilith will be making a reappearance later this season as well.

You can read the rest of the Q&A session at TV Guide.

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